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On behalf of the Santiniketan Medical College & Hospital, We are organizing a significant event on the 6th of August 2023, Sunday, commencing at 11:00 AM at Santiniketan Medical College. The event, titled “The Role of Media in Creating a Supportive Environment and Employment Opportunities for Artistic Establishments,” holds immense value as we inaugurate “Santiniketan Positive Barta ,” a dedicated production house striving to disseminate positive and socially responsible news throughout the year.
A key aspect of the occasion will be to honor and recognize the exemplary efforts of media professionals who have consistently contributed to society through impactful news dissemination.
Santiniketan Positive Barta is a dynamic and innovative media production house aimed at promoting positivity, uplifting stories, and constructive journalism. Our mission is to create impactful content that inspires, informs, and entertains while fostering a sense of optimism in the audience. Through various media channels, including television, digital platforms, and social media, Santiniketan Positive Barta will focus on delivering content that showcases the brighter side of life, highlights societal progress, and encourages positive change.


Worldwide Media Partners

Executive Summary

Santiniketan Positive Barta envisions becoming a leading media production house that sets new standards in constructive journalism. We aim to create a diverse range of content, including documentaries, news segments, all cantered around positive themes and stories. With a team of talented professionals and state-of-the-art production facilities, we are committed to delivering high-quality, socially impactful content that resonates with a wide audience.



The media landscape has witnessed a growing demand for positive and uplifting content. Traditional media often focuses on negative news, creating an opportunity for Santiniketan Positive Barta to stand out with its unique approach. With the increasing popularity of digital platforms and social media, there is a vast potential audience to tap into. Furthermore, brands and organizations are also seeking positive platforms to associate with, making collaborations and sponsorships viable revenue streams.


Network /Manpower strength of Positive Barta

A Production House

The Santiniketan Positive Barta Production House aims to establish a robust network of talented individuals and content creators across various media platforms. Our target manpower includes:

Small News Channels

We collaborate with and provide content to small news channels throughout the country, ensuring our positive news reaches a wide audience

Facebook Bloggers

We work with passionate Facebook bloggers who have engaged communities, fostering a positive environment on the platform

Satellite Channels

Our production house extends its reach to satellite channels, allowing positive news content to reach an even wider audience.

Video Content Creators

We welcome talented individuals skilled in video production and content writing, creating compelling videos that highlight positive stories

YouTubers across India

We partner with diverse YouTubers from different regions of India, leveraging their creativity and reach to spread positive stories.

Twitter Bloggers

We collaborate with Twitter bloggers who use their influence to share heartwarming news stories and inspire their followers.

Instagram Bloggers

Our network includes influential Instagram bloggers who can effectively share uplifting news with their followers.

Santiniketan Positive Barta is poised to make a significant impact in the media industry with its unique and uplifting approach. By delivering positive, inspiring, and constructive content, we aim to foster a brighter and more optimistic world. With a strong team, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedication to excellence, Santiniketan Positive Barta is all set to create a niche for itself in the media production landscape and become a beacon of positivity for audiences worldwide.

Employment Prospects of "Santiniketan Positive Barta " - A Nation-Wide Production House

The establishment of a nation-wide production house in India can significantly bolster employment opportunities and positively impact various sectors. The following points highlight the potential benefits in terms of job creation:

Direct Employment

The production house itself will necessitate a considerable workforce to oversee diverse aspects of media production, including writers, technicians, editors, and administrative staff. This will lead to a substantial number of direct job opportunities

Indirect Employment

The ripple effect on other industries cannot be overlooked. Ancillary services such as catering, security, transportation, equipment rental, and post-production services will experience increased demand, thus generating additional job opportunities across various sectors.